It was one of the biggest weeks in NASCAR…the All Star race and Charlotte.  Besides being one the busiest weeks of the season, it was also the one time where the drivers were locals and could go home at night.  Tony was an absolute wreck.  After living off of video chatting the last few weeks, Bonnie was finally joining him on his houseboat in North Carolina.  Lexie had school, but would be joining them Memorial Day weekend.  She was going to finally meet everyone…including his fans.  He had asked Wendy Venturini if she’d interview them in his coach before the All Star race.  This way, they could answer questions and tell their own story.  There would be no speculation on her motives.  Thankfully, she had been flying under the radar at home.  The people in Columbus respected her privacy.

This would be the first time she was able to fly during her pregnancy.  The horrible morning sickness she had suffered had finally abated in her thirteenth week.  The doctor said she was big for fifteen weeks.  Because she had had another child, she looked about twenty weeks along.  Tony was excited to see how big her belly had actually gotten.  The last time he had seen her was at eleven weeks and she felt like she had popped since then.  He was hoping this wouldn’t be the only race she’d be able to attend.  He remembered how much she’d love watching him race.  But this was totally different from dirt track racing.  He was the reigning champion with a million sponsor and media obligations.  He hoped she could handle it.  Hell, he hoped he could handle it.  He hadn’t told her yet, but he was seriously considering cutting back on his racing schedule once the babies arrived.  First and foremost, he had to get through the next couple of weeks with her here.

As if on cue, Bonnie called.

“Hello?”  he answered cheerfully.

“Hi babe!  How are you?”  she said quickly.

“I’m fine.  You sound hyper.  What’s up?” he laughed.

She proceeded to tell him, more like nervously babble, her prep for tomorrow’s trip.  He bit his lip, trying not to laugh at her.  He completely understood how nervous she was.

“Babe, relax.  You’re in good hands.  I’ll make sure you are taken care of.”  He said calmly.

“But what if nobody likes me?  What if I don’t fit in?”  she asked nervously.

“Oh please Bon, everyone around me is pregnant!  You’ll fit in perfectly.  I have no worries.”

“What about your fans?  All of the sudden this massively pregnant woman shows up with you?  What if they resent me?”  she cried.

"Bonnie, stop it.  This is why we’re talking to Wendy.  And as much as I care about my fans, it’s my life, not theirs.  Will some of them be upset that ‘their’ Tony is off the market?  Sure.  I’m thinking the majority will be happy that there will be two mini me’s arriving!  So relax, OK?  Please?’

"OK.  I’m sorry.  My hormones are making me so irrational.  I have no idea if I’m coming or going most of the time.  I feel like summer weather.  One second it’s sunny out, the next it’s thundering and raining.  I apologize in advance if it happens when I’m with you.  Don’t take it personally, K?”  she said.

“I won’t.  Kevin and Ryan have been schooling me on the fine art of Daddyhood.  It’ll be a piece of cake!” he laughed.

“As long as you think so Stewart.  That’s all that matters!”  she teased.  “By the way, are you flying up to get me tomorrow, or am I going solo?”

“If I’m free, I’ll go.  This week has been nuts so far.  I guess you’ll have to wait and see!”

After dragging out their goodbyes and I love yous, Tony headed for the shower.  He had had Mike clear his afternoon for him tomorrow.  There was not a chance in hell she’d be flying alone.  Anyhow, he missed the hell out of her.  He was never the type to be so into one woman, but he was hopelessly in love with Bonnie.  This was his second chance and he wasn’t fucking this up.

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