The following morning, Bonnie sat in her office staring mindlessly at her inventory sheets. Tony had called her at ten o’clock last night. They started reminiscing, and soon realized it was after one. There was no amount of coffee to keep her alert today. Her giddiness, however, made it tolerable. She couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to him, even after all the years that had passed. For three hours they caught up with each other. Once midnight hit, and sleepiness kicked it, the conversation turned dirty. Bonnie shuddered thinking of the sexy tone of his voice…and all the things he’d do to her when he saw her again.

The "ding-ding" of the front door knocked her out of her reverie and back to reality. She got up, expecting one of her morning regulars. Instead, there stood a gentleman holding a large vase of red tipped, yellow roses.

"Can I help you?" Bonnie asked.

"Are you Bunnie McAdams?" He asked.

"Nooo, I’m Bonnie. That must be a typo!" She said laughing.

"Then these are for you!" He said, handing them to her. "Enjoy them!"

"I will, thank you!" She said, taking a sniff of the fragrant flowers.

She placed them on the counter, digging out the envelope, dying to know what Tony had written. She opened the envelope, stifling a squeal as she read it.

"You are in so much trouble the next time I see you!"

She giggled all the way back to her office. I guess I got under his skin, she thought, laughing. She had to give him a call to thank him. It was eight o’clock her time. He was an hour ahead in Florida, he should definitely be up.

She dialed his cell phone, he answered it on the third ring.

"Hello?" he said cheerfully.

"So I’m in trouble, huh? Thank you for the roses, they’re gorgeous! I’ve never seen that color before!" Bonnie said happily.

Tony laughed. "You’re welcome. Look them up. I chose them for a reason."

"A racecar driver knows flowers? I’m impressed." She teased.

"No, no, no. I asked the florist to suggest something that would say what I was feeling. I thought sending you three dozen red roses would freak you out so soon!" he said laughing.

"Not to mention I’d have no way to get them home! I’ll look up the meaning later…promise." She said. "By the way, why did you address it to Bunnie?"

"Bunnie? I didn’t! They must have screwed up! Now I can call you honey bunny! How cute!" He said giggling.

"You’d better not Stewart!" she jokingly admonished.

"Hunneeeeee Bunneeeee!" Tony said in an obnoxious French accent, laughing at his own silliness.

"Oh God, that’s awful! I see fame hasn’t changed your sense of humor!" Bonnie said.

"Nope, I’m still insane!" He laughed.

They idly chatted about the day ahead, until a customer entered Bonnie’s store. They said good bye, Tony promising to call her later that night.

Tony’s POV

Tony hung up the phone and smiled.

Even though he had gotten no sleep last night, he was wide awake and in a remarkably good mood. Actually, he’d been a great mood since ran into Bonnie again. He couldn’t get her off his mind. When he saw her at Bobby’s wake, his heart had stopped dead. Her hair was styled differently, but her smile was the same. He treated her so badly the last year they were together, he was almost afraid to approach her. She had supported his dreams without question, believing in him when he didn’t believe in himself. He in turn treated her like shit.

Tony scratched the scruff on his chin. This would be his only break today. He had no idea where he was going but knew Mike would be calling soon with his daily itinerary. The weeks leading up to Daytona were insane. But the fact he was the reigning champion made it a million times crazier. Everyone wanted a piece of Tony Stewart. It was nonstop photo shoots, interviews, and sponsor meetings, among other things.

But honestly? After the debacle in Australia last year when he almost lost everything because of his stupid temper, and the awful summer he’d had, this was a positive busy. And now that he was talking to Bonnie again? His life couldn’t be better.

Bonnie. The first and only girl he’d ever loved. Granted, he’d had a few beautiful girlfriends over the years, but they were as shallow as a mud puddle. She was different…she was home. Being with her yesterday was the closest he’d felt to being a normal guy in well, forever. He wanted, no needed to make it up to her. At least she liked the flowers. He could easily send her a dozen a day without thinking twice about it. He didn’t want to scare her with lavish gifts. She was a hardworking Midwestern girl and a single mom. That being said, it didn’t mean he didn’t want to buy her things. Like a new car. Whatever she wanted. Hers was on its last legs. That was an argument she wasn’t going to win!

Tony chewed his bottom lip pensively. He wanted to talk to her so bad, but he didn’t want to be a pain in the ass. What the fuck was wrong with him? It’s true; he’d never fallen in love again because he never stopped loving her. It was as simple as that.

Going home yesterday opened his eyes to just how shitty his life was sometimes. He was nothing more than a puppet some days. He made his appearances, met his fans, and schmoozed with his sponsors. Pull Tony’s strings and watch him dance. When he was in Indiana he was just Tony and he loved it. Nobody fawned over him, he was like everyone else. Now knowing Bonnie was there? He would leave this behind in a second just to go home to her every night.

Right on schedule, Mike called. He ran down his obligations for the day. For Daytona, it wasn’t half bad. His day was over by six...that never happened.

"Hey Mike, have my plane ready to fly back to Indiana as soon as we’re done at Office Depot." He had a plan.

Mike chuckled. "I don’t know what you’re up to, but OK. Should I ask?"

"Not yet. You’ll be the first I tell, I promise!" Tony said, laughing.

He hung up the phone, whistling as he got ready to leave.

Today was going to be a great day.

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