Bonnie stood up, turning off the television. She walked over to the radio, turning it on to buy herself an extra minute of time. She sighed, feeling tears forming in her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling, forcing the tears back. All she wanted to do was fall into his arms and love him forever…but the fear of getting hurt again was holding her back.

"I do love you Tony, but your racing is what destroyed us. You have even more responsibilities now. How are you going to do it all without burning out?" She asked.

"I’ll find a way. I have my jet and the airport is right here in town. I can pick you up and fly you to my races. You’ll get to see what I do firsthand!" Tony said, smiling down at her.

"I can’t do that! I work full time, I have Lexie. This is her last summer home with me. I’m not gallivanting all over the country with you!" she said emphatically. She walked across the room, looking out her front window.

Tony ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "Can you at least come to a couple of races? Shit, Bonnie, work with me! I want you in my life!"

"How about you coming home more often Tony? You belong here. This is your home, not North Carolina!" Bonnie said with a touch more annoyance then she intended.

"Don’t you think I know that? I’m me here! I’m happy here. And I’m even happier now that we’re together again." He said, moving closer to her. "We are together again, right?"

Bonnie smiled, looking down. My God, he was hard to resist. "You win champ. How can I say no to you?"

"You can’t because you still love me. Come here." He said softly, wrapping her in his arms. He stroked her hair, his lips resting on her forehead. "Wow, listen to what’s on."

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight.

Just a touch of the fire burning so bright.

I don't want to mess this thing up.

I don't want to push too far.

Just a shot in the dark that you just might

Be the one I've been

Waiting for my whole life.

So baby I’m alright

With just a kiss good night."

The tears that were threatening to fall from Bonnie’s eyes before started falling in earnest.

"Why are you crying? Shh, it’s OK. Don’t cry babe." He said as he kissed the tears off her cheeks.

"I’m just so scared. I’ve always loved you; I don’t want my heart broken again because of your career. I’m afraid of losing you Tony. I’ve been single my whole life because no one has ever compared to you. Does that make any sense?" she said, sobbing into his shirt.

"Didn’t you just tell me not to be afraid to take chances? What if after all this time we were meant to be? How will we know if we don’t try?" he said.

Bonnie sniffed. "I know what you’re saying Tony. But what if…"

Tony stopped her doubting with a kiss.

"What if it doesn’t work? Then we tried. Bonnie, I love you and I need you with me. The past is behind us. We’re adults. Please? Please give me another chance?" He all but pleaded with her.

Bonnie saw the look in his eyes and knew that he meant what he was saying. He truly loved her. He was right. How would they know if they didn’t try? She looked up at him and smiled.

"Well?" He said warmly. "Are you in?"

Bonnie ran her hand through his hair, kissing him softly.

"Oh really now?" he growled, pushing her against the wall. He rubbed his nose against hers, feeling her out. She kissed him deeply, succumbing to his charms. She was crazy about him, there was no denying it.

"When is Lexie due home?" he asked with a hint of urgency.

"One." She sighed as Tony assaulted her senses. He ran his ran up her shirt, roughly squeezing her breast. Bonnie mewled. It had been years that she had been this turned on.

"Can you?" Tony asked between kisses. He hands were wandering all over her body.

"Yes. I’m on the pill." She said breathlessly.

"Bedroom. Go." Tony said, pushing her in the direction of her room, their clothing strewn behind them.

They fell on to her bed, limbs entangled. They made love that night, a mixture of passion and silliness. The love and passion they had shared when they were younger was still there. It was a meshing of two souls that had been apart for much too long. Afterwards, they laid next to each other, Tony lightly brushing his fingers down her side.

"That was pretty amazing Stewart." Bonnie purred. "I think I’ll sleep well tonight. I wish you didn’t have to leave."

"I know. I’m so comfortable right now, but I have a plane to catch. And how would you explain me to Lexie?" He said.

"She knows about you. She told me you were still in love with me!" Bonnie laughed.

"This may be an odd question, but she’s not mine, is she?" Tony asked.

"No. We broke up in June of ‘92; she wasn’t born until October of ‘93. You’re safe. Why? You don’t want to be a father?" she asked hesitantly.

"Of course I do. But it would kill me to think I missed her whole life if I was, ya know? I’ve never met a woman I want to start a family with. Well, until now, that is." He said blushing.

"You want to have a baby with me? I don’t even know if my girls are functioning!" she laughed.

Tony wrapped his legs with hers, pulling her close. "We’ll find out in due time. I feel like I wasted half my life without you. I can’t wait to play catch up babe. My life is complete now that you’re in it again."

Bonnie rolled over and groaned. "It’s quarter to eleven. You need to get going."

Tony and Bonnie got up, howling with laughter. Their clothes were everywhere. They got dressed and slowly walked to the front door. Bonnie knew damn well Tony would have stayed if he could, but he had so much to do in Daytona.

"I’m glad I flew up here tonight. I love you. Let’s make this work." Tony said, leaning down to kiss her.

"I love you too Tony. When will I see you again?" Bonnie asked.

"Soon. I promise. I’ll call you tomorrow." He wrapped her in a bear hug, not letting go.

"Go, you’ll miss your flight." She said kissing him.

"No I won’t!" he giggled. "It’s my airplane!"

"Then go and get some sleep!" Again Bonnie was pushing him out the door laughing. He was too much!

"Not a chance!" he said smiling at her.

She finally got him to his truck, a dozen hugs and kisses later. She walked back inside with a smile. Tony was hers again. Please God, let this work.

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